Meet the Toolkit

Content for Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Learning Goals

  • Get acquainted with course requirements and expectations
  • Familiarize yourself with RStudio interface and git/GitHub workflow with RStudio
  • Get familiar with basic R syntax and key data structures in R

Week Overview

Wed, Sep 6


Session: Meet the Toolkit


Problem Set 1 distributed

Fri, Sep 8


Mon, Sep 11


Consultation (Viktoriia)

Tue, Sep 12


Problem Set 1 due


In this course, we will use the open-source software R and RStudio as well as version control with git and GitHub. It would be best if you try installing all the necessary software before our class on Wednesday. First, I would like you to install both R and RStudio on your computer. Then, move to git and GitHub. Even if something with R does not work, set up a Github account.

  • Please follow these instructions for Installing R, RStudio, git, and Connecting to GitHub.

  • Once you have your GitHub account, let me know your username via Slack so I can add you to the course organization (so you have access to all of the lab material and homework assignments). Please do so ASAP (the sooner you do it, the sooner you get the access to all course material on GitHub).

If everything works well–congrats, you are all set for the semester! If something doesn’t work—don’t worry, just talk to me before or after class and we’ll figure it out together on Wednesday. You are also welcome to use the Cloud version of Rstudio for the first two weeks or so (see the instructions page as well), but you will have to switch to the desktop versions eventually.